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In the Federal Constitutional complaint process 2010 by Franz Christian MAYER
      • as professor of Bielefeld University for
      • public law,
      • European law,
      • international law,
      • Legal debt comparison and
      • Legal liability policy
declares that a fundamental right to democracy does not exist, since the Basic Law applies to the Federal Republic of Germany.
The Federal Republic of Germany is neither entitled to fundamental rights nor to fundamental rights, as the fundamental right is contained in Articles 1-19 of the Basic Law. Art. 17 Fundamental rights can therefore not be achieved at all in the Bundestag between Art. 20-146 GG in the welders‘ kit. The Federal Constitutional Court is an arbitration court of the parties of the Bundestag and Bundesrat and is democratically elected. For this reason, the Federal Constitutional Court judges are not entitled to fundamental rights and fundamental rights are entitled, as well as the right of Franz Christian MAYER for the legal subject of the Federal Republic of Germany.

So how can it be that a non-fundamental rights organization can transfer a power of attorney to a lawyer, where the question of the fundamental right is concerned?

Under Article 17 of the Basic Law, which is an effective means of complaint, no petition may be rejected or democratically decided, as effective right of appeal is a fundamental right.
How then can the non – contractual obligation of the bond be realized in the system, which is not possible in this system because the law of the treaties is infringed by the state fragment of the Federal Republic of Germany, because in fundamental rights questions there is no separation of powers, because to protect the inviolable human dignity and it is important to respect all state authority. There is no separation of powers in the fundamental right, in the public order. The Bundestag does not accept human rights violations complaints of the judiciary with the reason of the separation of powers! And so no cognition can take place, but instead the masses are growing as victims of human rights and damage to the bonds, which are not processed in the judiciary, because it is just not responsible for fundamental rights violations.
The Federal Republic of Germany can do whatever it wants, just no right, because a subject is not a legal category!
International law Crimes do not expire.
How should the system then work at all, because the industrially elected federal judges of the Federal Constitutional Court, who are elected as arbitrators by the Bundestag and Bundesrat, then are not entitled to fundamental rights and fundamental rights. Incidentally, this also applies to universities and colleges and broadcasters, which are held and controlled by the public sector, because no one can transfer more rights than he owns. International criminal law must be applied because international humanitarian law is violated.
Those who support an imperfect system and join in, if the system after trial and error produces bitter suffering against the genesis of people, then the legal polluters also have time to think of the solution of this malicious-home-Turkish problem, if they know that the entire Federal Republic of Germany has no fundamental right and no fundamental rights. The Obligationsregeln are to be considered, because only with a violation of human rights, the Federal Republic can be flattened because of intangible and material damage, consequential damage and consequential damage, because the Federation enters into Art. 120 GG only in the right (s) of the combined economic territory, not the German People in the preamble.
A state has only the legal contract under the law of the treaties
can never be a creditor in a contract, but only a debtor.
Enlightenment is the way out of immaturity!
comparison 1. Mose 3, Genesis 1. Mose 2. 4b-9.15, 9,1-11
· Knowledge through enlightenment is the noblest way of the mind.
· Learning by imitation is the easiest way.
· Learning from experience of trial and error is bitter suffering
· (Jurisdiction where people are the victims)
IZMR, mustafa-selim of Amasy, ECHR 75529/01 SURMELI – knowledge through enlightenment is the noblest way of the mind!

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